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I love my CZ's, but like me you've probably discovered that finding grip screws for your CZ pistol other than plain Phillips or slotted  is very difficult. Well, the screws shown here are anything but plain, but maybe you're worried that you'll order some screws and they won't fit? The good news is that CZ uses just a few sizes to cover their entire product line. Virtually all CZ pistol grip screws are identical in screw diameter and thread pitch. The only difference is in the length. If you own a CZ-75, P-01, P-06, 40P, PCR or most other modern CZ's, order the standard (8mm) length. This is by far the most common size and fits 95% of CZ pistols.

The Rami, along with the 40B, is unique among CZ's in that it uses a shorter screw, and no, the longer ones won't work even though they're the same diameter. If the grip screws on the Rami are too long they will rub against the side of the magazine and interfere with it.

The 40b was discontinued by CZ around 2008. However it uses the same size screw as the Rami. A few sellers- not many- offer grip screws to fit the 90% of CZ pistols that all take the same size. But as far as I know I am the only seller in the U.S. -maybe the world- besides CZ-USA to offer grip screws to fit the Rami and 40B. And CZ-USA has only slotted or Phillips heads. I have Rami/ 40B screws in both stainless and brass hex head, and when you include shipping costs they're actually less than what CZ charges for slotted screws .